Nurturing Imagination

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

Sometimes when I don’t feel so good, I do what I used to do as a child: I envision something beautiful, that will make me smile. Say when I really wanted to have my own pony, every night when going to bed I fantasized about horse back riding and made stories up in my mind. The same way as when playing with toys. There was always a story, a plot and the great joy of playing it out (and creating).

Or how awesome I envisioned it to be being an adult when I was younger and finally being able to drive a car..oh wow! Sometimes I remind myself of that excitement and curiosity, because I forget when adulthood-seriousness takes over. I believe a good mix of both is awesome. Being able to deal with responsibilities and ‘important’ decisions while keeping the vibrant skills of a child (joy, excitement, love, laughter, giggling, jokes, curiosity, imagination, playfulness).

It relaxes my body just talking about it. 🙂

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

I chose the title ‘nurturing imagination’ because the things I imagine make me feel save, bring me from a place of fear and worry to a place of comfort and positive attitude. I feel held. Some might say it is ‘only’ thoughts and images, but is not our world made out of images and thoughts we think inside and speak out loud (if you can speak and hear, some people don’t)? Every material item that exists in the world I co-exist with you in, was brought into existence by an idea. We are all more or less grown up little kids. I remind myself of that sometimes too, because it creates compassion in my heart. We were all little one day.

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

I love animals and nature very much and find a lot of peace and creativity in being in it and thinking about it. Who thought of all this magnificent, a bear, a lady bug, a rose, a river coming down a mountain in the Alps? How is it even possible to live on such a beautiful planet? And co-exist with all these amaaaaaaazing animals? Wow!

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

And why the heck are we still destroying each other and our habitat?

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

But I always like to begin in myself. Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to be in the world!” As long as I am still cruel or mean or destructive….mmh…I am practicing not to point the finger and get stuck in blame or complain.

With the news and the encouragement to spread negative images and messages, complain about the ‘bad government’ etc., it is quite easy to jump on board. But I find I don’t feel good when I do. I like to focus on how to feel healthy and happy and content and how to be kind, without not acknowledging that also this very painful acts are happening. Sometimes I cry because of what I call world-pain, feeling the suffering that goes on world wide so deeply in my heart. But a friend said it nicely, how do you want to help anyone if you go into the suffering with them? So I make it a little practice to find different ways to get myself out of the downward spiral. It seems a bit harder as an adult, because some neuronal patterns are build like a highway, they are fast and easy to run. And I noticed being negative and getting upset seems easier than staying content, happy, joyful and excited. At the moment at least. I am working on it.

Picture by Marlon Huynh

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” – Yoda

So I love imagining cuddling with bears and wolves and surrounded by cool animals. I love imagining going to magical places in nature and imagining how cool it would be to meet dwarves and what they would say to me (Plus trying to do as much of awesome things in real life as possible, the little and ‘big’ things.). When growing up fantasy games and stories was what surrounded me, as well as playing a lot in nature, so I think that is why it comes easy.

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

Did you know now a days some children have never been in a forest surrounded by the sound of birds and in some schools they teach them how to read facial expression of a human, because they spend more time looking at the screen of their phone than into a face of the people around them?

I love technology, but without the earth we would not have the materials to make this technology. I believe it is about balance (also imagination and experiencing daily reality is about balance..). And I love what another friend said: “For every problem we create on the planet, the solution has been created right with it.”

Found on Pinterest – Artist Unknown

By Marina Cano

By Werachai Sookruay


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