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I listened to a video from Dr Wayne Dyer today and one of the last words in the video were: “Don’t die with your music still in you. (..) Find what passion stirs your soul.” I find living here on this planet is an interesting and astonishing experience. My passion is learning about perception, consciousness, nature, the body, nutrition and the abilities we have as human beings, as well as the experiences we make as human beings.

I feel writing a blog will support bringing my attention to what fascinates and inspires me, therefore will give me more energy, joy, focus and clarity in my daily life. I love words and I love finding the words that seem closest to my own being, and feeling their impact on my body. Writing gives me the time to reflect and feel into what I am saying, it helps me to distinguish between what others think and believe – how you see the world – and find out how I see the world. And that brings a special taste of solidity with it that is heart warming and feels grounding.

I like to share ideas and words of other people too that I think are interesting, inspiring and make the world a good place to live in. I like to provide sign posts and handy tools that lead back to the feeling of ‘all is good as it is, because it is how it is’ and ‘it will be okay’, immanent feelings of surety, solidity, warmth, peace, safety and love! Something that gives a positive anchor in moments, where we might not feel so well and forgot that we are actually pretty magnificent, beautiful beings.

I am interested in writing out of an immediate, lively place, where I let the words arise from within and surprise me. Dr Wayne Dyer also mentioned, that we share the music inside of us without thinking about what others might think about it :-). So, in my own understanding that means without judgement and needing approval from outside. (“Is it good, is it bad? Is it right, is it wrong?”) I am grateful for that reminder to not let fear stand in the way of expressing my self. My good friend once said: “Fear is like a paper tiger.” (It seems to take a bit of courage to be my self in front of others.) He also said: “You cannot experience courage without fear.” That sentence creates an opening inside me: I am witnessing that I am experiencing how it is to be scared. And without being scared I could not be brave and experience how it feels to be courageous. That makes me feel thankful and fascinated about what I am experiencing and I am aware that I can choose what to do next, instead of being frozen by fear. Wohooo!!! 🙂